Learning resources

We specialise in producing resources for pupils of all ages - from early years to adults - that help them become better, more effective communicators. Here's a selection.

All Talk

A fifteen-unit classroom resource for learning about spoken language and interaction in everyday life, All Talk prepares students taking English GCSEs and A levels. We’ve worked closely with awarding bodies and organisations like NATE to ensure the resource is exactly what teachers need - and more - to help their pupils learn enthusiastically about something that’s so central to their lives and their learning. Produced in partnership with The Full English for BT.

'All Talk is the best, most practical resource for the English classroom that I have seen for a long time' Lindsay McNab, teacher and GCSE moderator.


The Communication Cookbook

Designed for use with younger children, this resource has been hugely popular with parents and childcare professionals helping develop early language skills. We worked on this with I CAN, the children’s communication charity, and it comes as a workbook, DVD and with online activities. Click below to see examples.


Click here to see the pdf Boo Cat Sorts Things Out


BT's Big Voice

To support students and teachers taking part in the BT's Big Voice project we designed a set of video-based resources, along with teachers notes, that would also stand alone long after the end of the project itself. The resources deal with universal issues such as How to have great group discussions and How to find a solution to a problem as well as issues relating directly to the project, like How to turn your ideas into a film and How to write a great film treatment. Here's a 3 minute extract from one of the video resources.




Here are two versions of the same teacher - student meeting, but with very different outcomes. We use this in our education training. Watch them and compare.



We are able to produce high-quality video-based resources totally in-house, covering every stage from research and scripting to casting, shooting, editing, graphics and music. Our resources use a complete range of genres, including documentary, drama and animation.