Peter Osborn


Peter is a co-founder of Dialogics, along with Andrew Bailey. He has produced and delivered a wide range of resources on DVD, in print and online for children, young people, parents and teachers. He trained as a journalist, hated his time in PR and advertising, and worked for 15 years as a professional singer before moving into educational production, which he loves. His enthusiasm for dialogue was stimulated by a childhood which experienced precious little of it, and 24 years as a practitioner and teacher of Buddhism, which recognises dialogue as a central component of a happy and fulfilling life.


Anne Bailey

Associate Director

Anne is descended from a long line of educational pioneers. It’s almost the family business. She is convinced that the ability to communicate with others is the single most important skill a child can learn and she’s now on a mission to make sure everyone agrees. She’s delighted to make her interest her work and is grateful for all the experience she learned on the job working for such diverse companies as Murdoch Magazines, Reed Travel Group, Safeway Supermarkets, Suffolk County Council, BT and numerous gigs as a freelance PR and marketing consultant.


Liz Jimenez

Project Manager

Liz's professional career includes fashion PR, retail and pharmaceutical advertising. In the advertising industry she was able to develop her account management skills for the likes of Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. A highly organised individual who thoroughly enjoys her work she firmly believes in collaboration in the workplace. As a parent, she believes that children’s personal development hinges on the skills of talking and listening, and hopes that one day all parents will appreciate this essential life skill.


Andrew Bailey

Senior Consultant

Andrew has spent most of his working life in the field of communication. He was a journalist for 15 years (London Evening Standard, Rolling Stone magazine, among others) before working in advertising as a writer and creative director. He’s also had brief (and unsuccessful) careers as a television presenter and rock music talent scout. He has worked with Professor Gerard Egan since 1998, co-authoring three books with him. He set up Dialogics in 2001 with Peter Osborn and retired as Director in 2011.


Professor Gerard Egan

Senior Consultant

Gerry Egan is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Organizational Studies at Loyola University, Chicago. His seminal work on the skills of communication, problem solving and opportunity development, 'The Skilled Helper', is the world's most widely used textbook on counselling skills. Together with Dialogics founder Andrew Bailey he wrote the Talkworks series on the skills of dialogue, part of BT's Better World campaign. Most recently, Gerry has helped Dialogics to devise and deliver a new professional development course for teachers. He is also a senior consultant to the Centre for Educational Leadership in Manchester.